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Kings of the Sun

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  19 Oct 2008
Cert:   -


Before Apocalypto there was Kings Of The Sun. This classic historical adventure tells the saga of Mayan refugees in search of settlement. After a savage defeat in battle the leaders of an ancient Mayan tribe decide to flee across the Gulf of Mexico to establish a community on the coast. But the land they’ve chose to call their home has already been claimed by a hostile tribe of Native Americans and their enigmatic leader Chief Black Eagle, who refuses to withstand intruders. Could it be possible for these two civilisations to coexist or can it only lead to brutal bloodshed? Created by accomplished action director J. Less Thompson (Ice Cold In Alex, The Guns Of Navarone, Cape Fear) and starring Yul Brynner (The Magnificent Seven, Westworld) Shirley Anne Field (The Entertainer, Saturday Night Sunday Morning, The Damned) and Richard Basehart (Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, La Strada), Kings Of The Sun is a magnificent tale of action, adventure and suspense like no other.

Directed By:

  • J. Less Thompson
  • Shirley Anne Field and Richard Basehart


  • Yul Brynner

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