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Shaolin Soccer

Theatrical Release Date:  12 Nov 2004
Home Ent. Release Date:  13 Mar 2005
Running Time:  87mins


Stephen Chow writes, directs and stars in Shaolin Soccer, a deliciously over- the-top football comedy that could be one of the funniest films of 2004. Fusing ancient martial arts with hard-hitting physical comedy and the high-flying energy of competitive sports, Shaolin Soccer will now be available to own on DVD complete with two versions of the film and bonus features. Dedicated Shaolin practitioner Sing (Stephen Chow) is determined to re-unite his brothers to apply the ancient art of Shaolin to a modern sport. With the help of ex-football champion, Fang, the group of unlikely footballers are whipped into shape and train hard to earn a place in the National Football Tournament. The brothers battle their way through the rounds with unusual moves such as “Iron Head” and “Hooking Foot”, getting closer and closer to the ultimate challenge of the National final. It is here that they will face Team Evil – the most ruthless team ever assembled. Stephen Chow is hailed as the founder of Hong Kong comedy genre “mo lei tau”. Often translated as “nonsense comedy”, this style of film is renowned for hilarious plots and slapstick antics and has earned Chow legions of fans across Asia. Over the years Chow has also developed a special brand of action comedy, giving a comic twist to classic features with films such as “Fist of Fury ‘91” (a spoof of Bruce Lee’s “Fists of Fury”) and “From Beijing with Love” (a comic take on the James Bond classic). In Shaolin Soccer, Chow combines action comedy with some incredible special effects. Not only do the players’ moves defy gravity, the footballs they kick become supersonic – one ball morphs into a fiery comet and then a flaming tiger as it shoots across the pitch towards the unlucky goalie.

Directed By:

  • Stephen Chow


  • Stephen Chow
  • Vicki Zhao
  • Man Tai Ng

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