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Bruce Campbell Vs Army of Darkness (Blu-ray)

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  28 Sep 2008


Spawned from the warped imagination of celebrated film maker Sam Raimi and starring cultural icon/B-movie Brando Bruce Campbell as Ash, Army of Darkness, also known as The Evil Dead 3, takes the concepts already established by the previous movies to a new level of twisted weirdness. After accidentally unleashing the demonic forces held within the Necronomicon (The Book Of The Dead) the now legendary Ash finds himself being transported back in time to the dark ages where he is forced to do battle with a relentless army of grotesque, flesh eating “deadites”. Armed with his ever reliable chainsaw, his big, smoking boom stick and a second hand car, Ash Williams – hero, man of action, prophesised savour of ancient times and discount store employee – is about to show the medieval dead what it means to be truly groovy, because this time they’re messing with wrong chin. It’s time for some sugar baby. Highly inventive, instantly quotable and hugely entertaining, with equal amounts of romance, action, adventure and severed limbs, Army Of Darkness feels like it was conceived within the psychotic mind of a mutant Ray Harryhausen as it explodes across the screen with a frenzied verve rarely seen in motion pictures. This is cult movie making at its most awesome and not to be missed.

Directed By:

  • Sam Raimi


  • Bruce Campbell

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