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What Did you Do in the War Daddy?

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  31 Aug 2008
Cert:   -


Set in the picturesque Sicilian village of Valerno during World War II, the plot concerns an attempt by a company of American soldiers to seize the village and capture the Italian soldiers defending it. However, the Italians are willing to surrender, provided they may hold their traditional wine festival in the village first. Captain Cash, a military fanatic who goes strictly by the book, is constantly in conflict with his subordinate,Lieutenant Christian, an easygoing hustler who would rather have a good time. When Cash insists that the Italians march away as prisoners, the Italian commander, Captain Oppo, refuses. The war is on again, and Christian must resolve theproblems in order to have the party. Cash is eventually coerced into drinking a toast to the Mayor’s daughter, Gina, who is Captain Oppo’s lover. When everybody is drunk, the Mayor takes an incriminating photograph of Cash and Gina for blackmail purposes. The Germans arrive, and more chaos develops. The Americans have lost their uniforms in a card game with the Italians, and everybody’s identities are switched. After many further complications, a mock battle must be staged to show that the American fighting forces are valiant heroes rather than ridiculous fools.

Directed By:

  • Blake Edwards


  • James Coburn
  • Dick Shawn
  • Sergio Fantoni

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