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Elephant Man (Special Edition)

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  03 Aug 2008
Cert:   -


Brilliant young Doctor Frederick Treves (Anthony Hopkins) shocks his colleagues at the London Hospital when he unveils a man so hideously deformed that he is condemned to life as a freak in a circus sideshow. Upon returning this unfortunate to his “owner” Bytes, Treves witnesses Bytes’ brutal treatment of the Elephant Man – whose real name is John Merrick - and decides to rescue him for medical study at hospital. As he grows to know Merrick (John Hurt) however, he comes to realise that underneath the grotesque exterior there exists a gentle and intelligent man, whose capabilities have never been appreciated or allowed to develop. After years of suffering abuse and ridicule, Merrick sweetly delights in this chance at a better life, but will fate and those who seek only to profit from his deformity conspire against him? A haunting and beautiful film from David Lynch, shot in exquisite black and white by Freddie Francis to evoke Victorian England in all its grime. The Elephant Man was nominated for an unprecedented 8 Oscars and won 3 BAFTAS including Best Film and Best Actor for John Hurt’s heartbreaking portrayal of the titular character.

Directed By:

  • David Lynch


  • Anthony Hopkins
  • John Hurt

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