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Duck Season

Theatrical Release Date:  10 Mar 2005
Home Ent. Release Date:  26 Jun 2005
Running Time:  90mins


Duck Season (Temporada de Patos) is a wonderfully observed coming of age comedy by first time Mexican director Fernando Eimbcke which delves into the restless energy of adolescence. Flama and Moko are fourteen year old childhood friends who have the whole house to themselves for the day. To survive another boring Sunday, they have everything they need: video games, porno magazines, coca cola and pizza. Unfortunately, the electric company, their neighbor Rita, Ulises the pizza boy, the Madrid-Manchester football game, a chocolate cake and a horrible Duck painting are ruining what was shaping up to be a great day. But the real problems are slowly revealed: divorcing parents, loneliness, the confusion of love and friendship between teenagers as well the adult's frustration of life.

Directed By:

  • Fernando Eimbcke


  • Enrique Arreola
  • Daniel Catana
  • Diego Miranda
  • Danny Perea

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