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Gerard Depardieu Boxset, The (Screen Icons)

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  27 Jul 2008


Buffet Froid Mon Pere Ce Hero Le Colonel Chabert Tous Les Matins du Monde Born in Indre in 1948, Gérard Depardieu notoriously spent many of his formative years as a delinquent, living a transitory life until he was taken in by a small traveling theatre troupe and his acting career began. Bertrand Blier (director of Buffet Froid, included in this set) gave Depardieu his first big break in Les Valseuses that became a massive hit in France, thus establishing him as a star. Frighteningly prolific since then, the larger than life Depardieu is undoubtedly France’s most legendary actor whose talent for diversity is explored through all four of these titles. BUFFET FROID (1979) From the Oscar-winning director of another Depardieu classic: Trop Belle Pour Toi, Betrand Blier brings us this blackly comic tale of a young unemployed man Alphonse, his neighbour, policeman Inspector Morvandieu and their unwitting involvement in a series of murders. An impressionistic look at life and alienation in modern city that also stars Bernard Blier, Carole Bouquet and Jean Carmet. MON PERE CE HERO (1991) Depardieu stars as a divorced father who takes his precocious daughter on holiday to the Bahamas in order to bond with her. In desperation to make her happy, he agrees to pose as her older lover in order to arouse jealousy in a local boy on whom she has a crush. Depardieu was so winning in the role that he was recast as the father in the Hollywood remake opposite then unknown Katherine Heigl. LE COLONEL CHABERT (1994) Based on the novel by Balzac and nominated for 6 Cesars, Le Colonel Chabert sees Depardieu in the title role as a soldier gravely wounded in the Napoleonic wars who goes missing for 10 years. When his memory returns, he finds his way back to Paris and his “widow” (Fanny Ardent) who has since remarried to a Count (Andre Dussolier) and is financing his bid for political power with Chabert’s money. Chabert hires a lawyer (Fabrice Luchini) but will the court case provide Chabert with justice at last or unmask him as a fraud? TOUS LES MATINS DU MONDE (1991) A legendary viola player, Monsieur de Saint Colombe (Jean Pierre Marielle) has lived a hermit-like existence with his two young daughters since being devastated by the death of his wife. Refusing even the invitations of king Louis XIV, Saint Colombe remains exiled from the outside world until the arrival at his house one day of a man named Marin Marais (Depardieu) who asks to be taught how to play the viola. Marais is portrayed as a young man by Depardieu’s son Guillaume, with the all-star cast rounded out by the likes of Anne Brochet, Michel Bouquet and Jean-Claude Dreyfus. Winner of 7 Cesars, including those for Best Film and Best Director (Alain Corneau).


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