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Heroes of the Skies

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  01 Jun 2008
Cert:   -


Boxset includes: Aces High The Dam Busters Angels One Five The men and women of the Royal Air Force played a vital role in both World Wars. The brave, skillful pilots and tenacious engineers were key in some of the landmark battles taht tipped the scales of war and helped guarantee Britain's freedom. Heroes of the Skies brings together three films that celebrate and commemorate this achievement. These outstanding cinematic classics are filled with dangerous missions, death-defying feats of courage and breath-taking sequences. Compelling, thrilling and moving, each is essential viewing. Aces High is a gripping exploration of First World War flyboys. Packed with excellent performances and heart-stopping moments, it shows the adrenaline highs and brutal lows of a pilot's life at war. The Dam Busters is the true-life story of an ingenious plan to destroy German dams with a cutting-edge bomb. With its stirring theme and nerve-jangling recreation of the daring mission, this film is an all-time classic. Angels one Five tells the enthralling story of a plucky, courageous new recruit and his part in the battle of Britain. Tense, exciting and prickled with quintessentially British humour, it's an absolute gem.

Directed By:

  • Jack Gold
  • Michael Anderson
  • George More O'Ferrall


  • Malcom McDowell

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