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Blind Flight

Theatrical Release Date:  09 Apr 2004
Home Ent. Release Date:  12 Sep 2004
Running Time:  96mins


Keenan and McCarthy’s No 1 best-selling accounts of their ordeal "An Evil Cradling" and "Some Other Rainbow" (written with Jill Morrell) sold over 1.5 million copies. Blind Flight the film is both a prison drama and a love story in the fullest sense. It shows how the Irishman and the Englishman, from completely different and potentially antagonistic backgrounds, confront their own inner captivity as human beings. In the face of the most acute deprivation and under constant threat of death they forge a friendship that transcends all that appears to divide them. As they share their deepest memories and fears they discover a capacity for inner freedom, a joy for life and a compassionate humanity, which will embrace even their captors.

Directed By:

  • John Furse


  • Ian Hart
  • Linus Roache

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