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Turkey Shoot

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  02 Mar 2008


The future…and the world’s population live out a carefully planned life designed for them by the strictly ordered society that governs the globe. Failure to conform in any way is treated as a crime, punishably by a term of rehabilitation in a ‘Modification Centre’. These misfits are known as ‘Turkeys’. During the centre’s ‘cleansing’ process they are collectively decontaminated, numbered and tranquilised in preparation for removal to their new home – here, surveillance systems and sadistic, heavily armed guards moniter them - there is little chance of escape and failed attempts lead to torture by the malevolent guards. The ultimate atrocity is the ‘Turkey Shoot’ a manhunt in which the wealthy and influential find sport in tracking and killing the unfortunate inmates. For one group of inmates Paul (Steve Railsback), Chris (Olivia Hussey) and Rita (Lynda Stoner) the Turkey Shoot could be their last chance of escape – set free to flee through the dense jungle surrounding the prison they start a journey that will end in death or freedom. The odds are stacked against them, the hunt is on, and man could prove to be the deadliest prey of all.


  • Steve Railsback
  • Olivia Hussey and Lynda Stoner

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