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Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  06 Jan 2008
Cert:   Not Rated


In this delightful musical adventure, Don Bluth, the creator of the animated classics An American Tail and The Land Before Time combines live action and animation in a fast paced tale of friendship, courage and rock-n-roll. Chanticleer is a song filled farmyard rooster who raises the sun every morning with his crow, reads Edmond, in his story book. One day Chanticleer is prevented from crowing and to his dismay see the sun come up without his help! Ridiculed by his farmyard friends, the downcast and dejected rooster leaves the farm to seek his fortune in the big city. Edmond’s storybook fantasy becomes a real adventure when flood waters threaten to destroy his home on the farm – only Chanticleer can stop the rain by bringing up the sun so. Edmond and an unlikely team of friends set off on a dangerous journey to the city in a toy-box sailboat to search for him and save the farm against all the odds.

Directed By:

  • Don Bluth

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