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Kung Fu Collection (Featuring Jackie Chan - 2 Discs)

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  12 Aug 2007
Cert:   Not Rated


This 2 Disc Colelction contains the following: DISC 1 The Young Tiger Film negatives providing proof of a gangster boss’ criminal activities fall into the hands of the beautiful Mai Fong – at last a tool for her to escape the clutches of the underworld. When she attempts to bargain for her freedom she is poisoned by the gangsters but manages to escape, only to die before she reaches the hospital. Before she dies however, Mai passes on the negatives, and the gangsters will stop at nothing to get them back… Fire Dragon During a war, the intelligence group of the country selects several agents to form a team to steal a secret file from the army base of the enemy. The team is formed of prisoners, famous thieves and great fighters and their destination is the Island of the Women Warriors. When they are trapped on the Island only those of the greatest skill can hope to survive… DISC 2 Eagle Shadow fist Set during the Chinese occupancy of Northern China in WWII Eagle Shadow Fist is the compelling story of the opera actor Bruce Li and his troop as they try to defend their land from the violent and bloody occupiers. Fantasy Mission Force It’s World War II, and Jackie Chan joins a crack commando unit organized to retake a fortune stolen by the enemy during a bloody raid. The commando group is lead by the mysterious ‘Devil Sargeant’ who ruthlessly leads his men through increasingly vicious battles as they near their objective.


  • Jackie Chan

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