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Personal Velocity

Theatrical Release Date:  28 Mar 2003
Home Ent. Release Date:  21 Oct 2004
Running Time:  86mins


Parker Posey plays Greta, a cookbook editor struggling with issues of fidelity to her kind but unexciting husband. Delia, played by Kyra Sedgewick, is an isolated yet determined woman who leaves her abusive husband to rediscover her independence. Fairuza Balk plays Paula, a troubled young woman who embarks on a journey after a fateful accident one night. Seemingly unconnected, the three women are bound together by a common desire to change the direction of their lives. Directed by Rebecca Miller (Angela) and based on her acclaimed book of short stories, Personal Velocity received the Grand Jury Prize and Award for Best Dramatic Cinematography at the Sundance Film Festival 2002. The film was also selected to screen at the Locarno and Toronto Film Festivals and received it’s UK premiere at the Regus London Film Festival on November 8th 2002.

Directed By:

  • Rebecca Miller


  • Kyra Sedgwick : Parker Posey : Fairuza Balk

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