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Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer

Theatrical Release Date:  02 May 2003
Home Ent. Release Date:  25 May 2003
Running Time:  83mins


Based on the harrowing true story of one of America’s most notorious mass-murderers, Henry Lee Lucas (portrayed with a dead-eye passivity by a scarily resonant Michael Rooker), John McNaughton’s Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer builds to a disquieting and horrific climax and provides a sobering, nightmarish glimpse into a deranged and damaged mind. On its initial release, America’s MPAA gave the film the notorious X-rating, claiming that they "wouldn’t know where to begin cutting". While in Britain, Chief Censor James Ferman took a whole year to give the film a certificate. "One of our psychologists said the film was remarkably accurate," he argued, effectively giving it its best review.

Directed By:

  • John McNaughton


  • Michael Rooker

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