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Night of the Eagle (Horror Classics)

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  29 Apr 2007
Cert:   Not Rated


Made for a very low budget in the early 1960’s, Night of the Eagle is based on the novel Conjure Wife by Fritz Leiber, both perfectly capture the overriding paranoia of the era. Professor Norman Taylor (Peter Wyngarde) seemingly has it all – a great job, the envy of his colleagues, the perfect wife and a healthy skepticism when it comes to all things supernatural. However, over the course of a weekend, Taylor discovers that his wife Tansy () is a witch and that she has been practicing witchcraft ever since their honeymoon – apparently in an effort to protect him from jealous colleagues and assist his rise within the department. Despite her anguished protestations and warnings, he insists on destroying all the magic paraphernalia in the house and tries to carry on as normal, turning a blind eye to the possibility that his wife and her black magic could in some way have been behind his success. That is until the very next day when things in his life start going badly wrong… Taut, atmospheric and terrifying, this film remains a much-loved classic in the vein of such subtle British chillers as The Haunting and The Innocents.

Directed By:

  • Sidney Hayers


  • Peter Wyngarde
  • Janet Blair

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