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Such A Long Journey

Theatrical Release Date:  15 Oct 1999
Home Ent. Release Date:  21 Jun 2001
Running Time:  113m 20s


An intricately layered, wryly humorous story set against the turbulence of Bombay on the eve of India's 1971 war with Pakistan. Gustad Noble (Roshan Seth), a dedicated bank clerk and devoted family man who sees his modest life unraveling when he agrees to do a favourn for a mysterious old friend. His peaceful routine is soon turned on it's head as his rebellious son leaves home, his daughter takes ill and his wife falls under influence of the eccentric old woman in the apparment upstairs. Noble's quiet dignity and sense of moral order are tested as all around him falls apart at the seams.

Directed By:

  • Sturla Gunnarson


  • Roshan Seth
  • Om Puri

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