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Complete War Collection (12 disc Boxset)

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  05 Nov 2006
Cert:   Not Rated


The Colditz Story The Cruel Sea The Dam Busters I Was Monty's Double Ice Cold in Alex Went the Day Well The Wooden Horse They Who Dare Cross of Iron The Way Ahead In Which We Serve The Battle of the River Plate With stiff upper lip at the ready, curl up on the sofa and raise a mug of cocoa to all those whom we have to thank for the fact that we’re not speaking German: Colditz was thought by the Nazis to be impossible to escape from so in WW2 they made the somewhat rash decision to house there together all the most frequent escapees from amongst the Allied POWs – their story is immortalised in THE COLDITZ STORY. Based on the novel by Nicholas Monserrat, THE CRUEL SEA tells the story of the sailors on the boat assigned to protect convoy HMS Compass Rose whose near impossible mission is to seek and destroy U-Boats… THE DAM BUSTERS tells the still incredible story of the ingenious British plan to strike at the heart of German industry in 1943 by destroying their dams, and the bomb that had to be invented to achieve this… In WW2 M.E. Clifton-Jones was hired by the Americans to impersonate General Montgomery in order to mislead the Germans before the launch of their North Africa offensive. In I WAS MONTY’S DOUBLE, he repeats this incredible but true role, this time also playing himself. Sticking with the North African theme, ICE COLD IN ALEX refers to the beer that an army ambulance Captain has promised himself as a reward when he, two nurses, a mechanic and a mysterious South African officer complete their arduous and perilous trek across the deserts of North Africa to Alexandria. Based on a short story by Graham Greene, WENT THE DAY WELL is a superb piece of British wartime propaganda. Disguised German paratroopers set up an advance post for a planned invasion in an unsuspecting British village… Good old-fashioned British ingenuity strikes again in WOODEN HORSE – a true story of 3 POWS’ escape and subsequent attempt to reach neutral Sweden, having used a vaulting horse as a front for tunnel digging! Conversely in THEY WHO DARE, British troops are trying to get into enemy territory – a small Greek island that is home to two airfields from where the Luftwaffe are launching deadly air attacks on Allied troops in North Africa. With the help of some Greek patriots, the soldiers set out to attack the airfields having first to navigate their way through the many enemy troops… Sam Peckinpah’s classic CROSS OF IRON stars James Coburn. Maximilian Schell, James Mason, David Warner and Senta Berger. 1943: a German platoon suffers heavy bombardment from surrounding Soviet troops as they try to affect their withdrawal from Russia: knowing that defeat is inevitable, their only goal is survival…. Carol Reed’s THE WAY AHEAD charges David Niven with the seemingly impossible task of moudling a reluctant bunch of conscripted British civilians for a secret mission in North Africa… far more keen although perhaps equally unlikely to succeed were the lightly armed British cruisers that took on the might of the German battleships to keep supply routes open in the North Sea. The incredible true story of their success is told in Powell & Pressburger’s THE BATTLE OF RIVER PLATE. The final film in this collection is the Oscar-winning IN WHICH WE SERVE, directed by Noel Coward and David Lean. In one of the most popular war films of all time, Coward, John Mills and Bernard Miles star as sailors clinging to the pieces of their doomed shipwreck after a torpedo attack. Their flashbacks prove an illuminating and heart-wrenching look at war and its devastating effects on human spirit.

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