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Betty Fisher and Other Stories

Theatrical Release Date:  14 Jun 2002
Home Ent. Release Date:  28 Oct 2002
Running Time:  103mins


In his latest film, an adaptation of the Ruth Rendell novel 'The Tree of Hands', veteran director Claude Miller returns to the nail-biting thriller mode of his recent Class Trip, and cranks up both the tension and the narrative ingenuity. Sandrine Kiberlain is best-selling author Betty, who finds life outdoing fiction when her mother (Nicole Garcia) drops in after a long absence. Betty tragically finds herself losing a child, then just as suddenly acquiring another, as her disturbed mother decides to help out. Meanwhile, the ramifications of Betty's drama touch Carole (Mathilde Seigner), a young single mother living on a sink estate – together with the several men around her, including the desperate perpetrator of an outrageous real estate scam. Structured like a set of linked stories, Miller's intricate, twist-laden script does justice to the Rendell spirit, and a cast at the top of their game bring out the emotional extremities of a black moral tale with a steely, surprising logic.

Directed By:

  • Claude Miller


  • Nicole Garcia
  • Sandrine Kiberlain
  • Mathilde Seigner

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