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Theatrical Release Date:  12 Oct 2001
Home Ent. Release Date:  19 Oct 2004
Running Time:  86 mins


A new British comedy starring rising star Matthew Rhys (Titus, Tabloid, Abduction Club), Matthew Dunster (TV: Coronation Street), Justin Salinger (Velvet Goldmine) and Kelly Reilly (Last Orders, Maybe Baby). Written and directed by Nick Grosso, Peaches is a lighthearted comedy of turbulent romance and lazy summer days in London for a group of jobless graduates. Frank (Matthew Rhys) is more interested in the prospect of the 'peaches' (girls) and the long hot summer than the fact that he's just failed his final exams and is unemployed. His flash mate Pete (Matthew Dunster) has offered him free lodgings, and an attractive 'peach', Cherry, (Kelly Reilly) has a crush on him. But things take a turn for the worst when a weekend away with Cherry ends in disaster and his best friend Johnny (Justin Salinger) announces plans to enroll on a Job Scheme. Frank's desperate attempts to turn matters around get him nowhere and eventually he is forced to face up his responsibilities or risk losing it all.

Directed By:

  • Nick Grosso


  • Matthew Rhys
  • Matthew Dunster
  • Justin Sallinger
  • Kelly Reilly

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