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Secret, Le

Theatrical Release Date:  24 Aug 2001
Home Ent. Release Date:  19 Nov 2001
Running Time:  109mins


Surprised at her own unwillingness to have a second child, Marie (ANNE COESENS) examines her life as a chic Parisian wife, mother and sales woman and finds it wanting. Through her job she encounters a black American dancer, Bill (TONY TODD) whose less conventional attitudes to work and sex fascinate her. Their relationship rapidly moves from the friendly into the highly sexual, but Marie finds her secret passion increasingly hard to incorporate within her middle class marriage. In contrast to "INTIMACY" which was a film about love and emotion, "LE SECRET" explores the animal nature of female desire and the changing attitude of modern women towards their own sexuality and role in society. A brave & challenging subject for a first feature, Director Virginie Wagon defies the conventional view to the traditional French marriage and positions the woman as the dominant figure in her relationships. Co-written by Erick Zonca (DREAM LIFE OF ANGELS) and starring Anne Coesens (MA VIE EN ROSE) and Tony Todd in his first leading role since CANDYMAN, it won the Deauville Film Festival award for best French script and caused a major stir with its UK Premier at the 2001 Cambridge Film Festival.

Directed By:

  • Virginie Wagon


  • Anne Coesens
  • Bill West
  • Michel Bompeil

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