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Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  29 May 2023
Cert:   12


THE PASSIONATE STRANGER (1957) centres around happily married house-wife Judith Wynter (Margaret Leighton) who keeps the fact she is a best-selling author of steamy romance novels, a closely guarded secret. As her husband Roger (Ralph Richardson), recovers from a serious illness, the couple’s new driver Carlo (Carlo Justini) discovers the manuscript of Judith’s latest novel and jumps to a rather unfortunate conclusion, making life in the Wynter household very complicated indeed! Boldly experimental in form and an entertaining riposte to the romance novel, the BFI declares, ‘The Passionate Stranger surely has no serious rival as the most dazzlingly ambitious commercial British film of the 1950s in terms of form and, in its fluent manipulation of meta-fictional levels, now looks several decades ahead of its time.’

Directed By:

  • Muriel Box


  • Margaret Leighton
  • Ralph Richardson
  • Carlo Justini

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