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Total Recall 30th Anniversary Release

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  23 Nov 2020
Cert:   18


Doug Quaid needs a vacation. The year is 2084. The world has survived its third world war. But out of the wreckage have emerged two opposing government blocs that rule the planet. Mars, a valuable source of resources, has finally been colonised but is wracked by civil unrest. Set against these epochal events Quaid is just an ordinary guy, albeit one with an itch to travel. He’s a construction worker with good friends, a nice apartment and a beautiful wife, Lori. But in his sleep he is haunted by vivid dreams of Mars, dreams in which he seems to have lived another life. One where he was involved with another, mysterious, woman. Despite Lori’s, and his best friend’s opposition he decides that if he can’t visit Mars he can do the next best thing. At the offices of Rekall Inc., a unique travel service that specialises in implanting fantasy adventures in the minds of its customers, he opts for a spy story, in which he will visit the red planet in the guise of a secret agent. But during the procedure something goes seriously awry. Instead of implanting a harmless fantasy Rekall’s technology unearths a whole new personality, one that has apparently been forcibly suppressed. In this shocking new reality, Doug really is a special agent with deep ties to Mars. His life on earth, friends and even his wife are fake memories implanted by sinister, unknown agencies. And the people who invented Doug’s new life – now want him dead. Followed home and then attacked by murderous operatives he finds to his horror that both his best friend and the woman he thought of as his wife are employed by of this shadowy agency, and both are intent on killing him. Escaping, he is led to a video recording of his mirror image. “Get ready for a big surprise,” his doppelganger tells him. “You’re not you. You’re me.” Unsure of who he really is, and why so many people seem to want him killed, Quaid realises that he must find his answers on the arid landscape of Mars, a planet torn apart by a violent confrontation between its rulers and a shadowy resistance. But what is real and what is a dream? And when everything you think you know is a carefully constructed lie, who can you really trust? Doug Quaid is about to find out.

Directed By:

  • Paul Verhoeven


  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Sharon Stone & Michael Ironside

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