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Boy Eats Girl

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  12 Feb 2006


This Irish made comedy horror starring Samantha Mumba and comedienne Deirdre O'Kane tells the story of a teenage date which goes comically and then horrifically wrong, plunging a whole town into chaos. The night 17-year old Nathan Maguire (David Leon) chooses to tell Jessica (Samantha Mumba)that he is in love with her is the night he dies. Nathan is subsequently resurrected by his mother (Deirdre O’Kane) as a zombie through the power of voodoo rituals. He returns with the intense desire to eat human flesh and soon Dublin's suburbs are over-run with zombies in this wickedly funny tongue -in -cheek horror.

Directed By:

  • Stephen Bradley


  • Samantha Mumba
  • David Leon
  • Deirdre O'Kane

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