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Whisky Galore! (Special Edition)

Theatrical Release Date:  29 Jul 2005
Home Ent. Release Date:  09 Oct 2005
Cert:   Not Rated


Whisky Galore! ranks among one of the most popular Ealing titles ever made and the BFI included it in a list of the best 100 British films of the 20th Century. The film takes place on the remote island of Todday in the outer Hebrides which is blissfully untouched by the ravages of WWII until the island’s wartime ration of whisky or ‘the water of life’, dries up completely leaving the locals in a state of devastation. By a stroke of good fortune, a cargo ship carrying 50, 000 cases of whisky is wrecked off the island and the liquor parched locals conspire against the home guard to smuggle the whisky off the ship. Now considered one of the greats of British comedy, Whisky Galore! features some excellent performances from Basil Radford and Joan Greenwood and was the first film made by Scottish director Alexander Mackendrick who went on to make other hugely successful Ealing classics such as The Ladykillers and The Man in the White Suit.

Directed By:

  • Alexander Mackendrick


  • Basil Radford
  • Joan Greenwood

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