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Sonny Chiba Collection (Volume 2)

Theatrical Release Date:  28 Jul 2005
Home Ent. Release Date:  19 Sep 2005


The second volume of the Sonny Chiba Collection contains the films G.I.Samurai, Golgo 13 and The Bullet Train. G.I. Samurai (1979) explores the intriguing premise of ‘who would win in a battle between Samurai warriors with swords and military trained soldiers with tanks?’ Sonny Chiba plays a military commander whose squadron are mysteriously transported through space and time to the 16th Century. Boasting some startlingly brutal battle scenes in which we see decapitations, unarmed samurais taking down tanks and soldiers machine gunning samurai warriors on horseback, this DVD release of G.I. Samurai will be the even bloodier uncut 139 min version, previously unseen in the West. In The Bullet Train (1975) a group of terrorist bombers announce that they have placed speed-triggered bombs aboard a Japanese bullet train, which will explode if the train drops below a certain speed. Sonny Chiba plays the train operator who must find and disable the device in time. Pre-dating Speed by almost two decades, The Bullet Train is a gripping, edge of your seat thriller with some truly blistering action sequences. Based on a best-selling Japanese manga, Golgo 13 (1977) is directed by Yukio Noda and stars Sonny Chiba as a ruthless hitman who must travel to Hong Kong to assassinate a drug lord. Chiba’s character Golgo 13 is a cigar smoking, slick dressing hardman who kills his targets with a single shot between the eyes and this film is a must for fans of 70’s exploitation movies.

Directed By:

  • Yukio Noda (Golgo 13) Mitsumasa Saito (G I Samurai) Junya Sato (Bullet Train)


  • Sonny Chiba

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