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Theatrical Release Date:  28 Jul 2005
Home Ent. Release Date:  18 Sep 2005


Appleseed is a cutting edge production that uses state of the art technology and 3DCG to produce one of the most visually arresting and hyper-realistic animations to date. The brainchild of leading anime creator Masamune Shirow (Ghost in the Shell), Appleseed is a post-apocalyptic science fiction epic brimming with fast-paced action and awe-inspiring visuals. It’s 2131 AD and the future of the human race hangs in the balance. Female soldier Deunan Knute has survived a major war that has pushed the earth to the brink of destruction. Located in a bombed-out urban wasteland, Deunan is transported to the Utopian city of Olympus and reunited with her former lover Briareos whose body is now half man, half cyborg. In Olympus City, half the population is made up of Bioroids, a genetically engineered species with a limited life span who are designed without unstable human emotions in order to create a peaceful society and protect the remaining members of the human race. In utopia, however, all is not as it seems. A group of rebel humans, who perceive bioroids as a threat to the integrity and future of mankind, try to sabotage the Olympus city computer and destroy the ability to re-activate the bioroid reproductive functions. As Deunan battles to stop the terrorists and find the ‘Appleseed’ data needed to extend bioroid life, the question of who she can trust and who is actually right- their society, or the terrorists- continues to arise. Directed by Shinji Aramaki, Appleseed uses full CGI to allow for dynamic camera movements that enhance the action sequences. Characters are also in full CG, however, using a process called ‘toonshading’ characters retain an unmistakable ‘cell anime look’. The film is based on Masamune Shirow’s best-selling manga of the same title, which was first printed in 1985 and has since been translated and sold to numerous countries across the globe. With some breath-taking action sequences and a fantastic soundtrack that includes the likes of Basement Jaxx, Paul Oakenfold and Ryuichi Sakamoto, Appleseed has generated enough interest worldwide to make it one of the most talked about animated films of recent times.

Directed By:

  • Shinji Aramaki

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