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Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  TBC
Cert:   Not Rated


To avoid money issues and have a more comfortable life, Vittoria (Monica Vitti), the daughter of a modest family, lived for three years with Ricardo (Francisco Rabal), a young embassy attaché, but she gets tired of this life without love and despite Ricardo's pleas, she breaks up with him. Spending time at the Stock Exchange with her mother who likes to speculate as a hobby, she meets a young stockbroker (Alain Delon) with whom she learns how to love again. However, the young man soon disappoints her and Vittoria feels the bitter taste of loneliness again. "A chilling observation on an increasingly individualistic society, L'Eclisse is an austere and strikingly beautiful piece of work."

Directed By:

  • Michelangelo Antoninoi


  • Alain Delon
  • Monica Vitti
  • Francisco Rabal

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