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Fighter in the Wind

Theatrical Release Date:  03 Mar 2005
Home Ent. Release Date:  29 May 2005


On May 30th Optimum Asia will be releasing the violent Martial Arts epic Fighter in the Wind which is inspired by the life of Korean fighting legend Choi Baedal, whose unique style of karate uses the fighting principal ‘one strike, certain death’ to crush his opponents. Fighter in the Wind is a breathtaking film based on the true-life story of Korean hero, Choi Baedal (Yang Dong-geun). During WW2, Choi travels to Japan in the hope of becoming a pilot but instead is faced with hardship and prejudice because as a Korean, he is considered a second-class citizen and eventually ends up on the street. Forbidden by the Japanese from learning martial arts, Choi is undeterred, and retreats to the mountains to begin the arduous task of disciplining both mind and body, through some startlingly hard training methods, before returning to take on Japan’s best fighters in some brutal and brilliantly choreographed hand-to-hand combat. The film follows Choi’s progression through the martial arts world as he rises to fame to become the most skilled martial artist in Japan. Written and directed by Yang Yun-ho, Fighter in the Wind was released theatrically in Korea in the Summer 2004 and is the third collaboration between the director and actor Yang Dong-geun. The film also stars top Korean Martial Arts expert Jeong Du-hong (No Blood No Tears) as Choi’s mentor and the beautiful Aya Hirayama.

Directed By:

  • Yang Yun-ho


  • Yang Dong-geun
  • Jeong Du-hong
  • Aya Hirayama

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