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Drunken Master 3

Theatrical Release Date:  10 Feb 2005
Home Ent. Release Date:  25 Apr 2005


Starring Hong Kong superstars Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs), Michelle Lee (Fallen Angels) and Gordon Liu (Kill Bill), this is the third installment in the action-packed Drunken Master series. At the turn of the century China, The White Lotus Sect has given the sinister Manchu Emperor Yuan Shi Kai an opportunity to become the Emperor of China. To get the kingdom, Yuan must possess a jade ring- but he's given it to his fiancee Princess Sum Yu (Lee). Yuan sends his servant (Liu) to retrieve the princess and escort her to the coronation, but she is taken hostage by the revolutionary Yeung Kwan (Lau). With the Emperor's men hot on their trail, the revolutionary must use his kung fu skills to prevent the coronation.


  • Andy Lau
  • Gordon Liu
  • Michelle Lee

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