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Restless Natives

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  01 Mar 2021
Cert:   12


Directed by Michael Hoffman (Restoration, One Fine Day), Restless Natives is a humorous tale about two underemployed Scots, Ronnie (Joe Mullaney) and Will (Vincent Friell) who, bored and tempted by the untapped wealth of the international tourists that swarm through the city, hatch a wildly irresponsible plan to achieve wealth and notoriety. Riding on a moped accross the Scottish Highlands disguised in joke shop masks and armed with a puffer gun that shoots out curry powder, their ingenious robberies become the focus of worldwide news and quickly turn them into a local tourist attraction bigger than the loch ness monster! However, with Police Superintendent Baird (Robert Urquhart) and a vacationing CIA Agent Fritz Bender (Ned Beatty, Deliverence) hot on their heels, the net begins to close in on the restless natives, but not before an unexpected turn of events. Originally released in 1985, Restless Natives features an infectious soundtrack by Big Country and some stunning Highlands scenery. This much-loved and, until now, much-missed film is a thoroughly enjoyable gem and one of the best films ever to come out of Scotland.

Directed By:

  • Michael Hoffman


  • Joe Mullaney
  • Vincent Friell

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