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Miss Julie

Theatrical Release Date:  01 Sep 2000
Home Ent. Release Date:  18 Oct 2004
Running Time:  103mins


In the stately kitchen of a wealthy Count’s estate, the war between the sexes is simmering to a boil. The Count's beautiful, aggressive daughter Miss Julie has set about to seduce Jean, the Count’s footservant. But what begins as a manipulative flirtation soon turns into a dangerous and erotic game of passion, power and betrayal. Director Mike Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas) continues his exploration of daring, emotionally provocative themes with August Strindberg's controversial play “Miss Julie.” Once banned in the author’s native Sweden, Strindberg’s play about the treacherous gulf between men and women and the interplay of sex, money and power remains astonishingly relevant. Peter Mullan (My Name Is Joe) stars as Jean, a man trapped in poverty who dreams of wealth and opportunity and sees his chance to act in the amorous attentions of Miss Julie. Maria Doyle Kennedy (The Commitments) is Christine, the Count's cook and Jean's secret lover. And Saffron Burrows (The Loss of Sexual Innocence, Deep Blue Sea) portrays the extraordinary Miss Julie - a fallen, desperate, sexually predatory heiress dangerously seeking to be saved by love.

Directed By:

  • Mike Figgis


  • Saffron Burrows
  • Peter Mullan

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