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Street Fighter, The

Theatrical Release Date:  01 Feb 2005
Home Ent. Release Date:  24 Jan 2005


Martial arts exploitation film The Street Fighter was originally released in cinemas in 1974 and its astounding success brought Japanese born Sonny Chiba worldwide fame. Shigehiro Ozawa directed Chiba as animal fighting machine Terry Tsurugi who springs a death row inmate from jail disguised as a Buddhist monk. In the violent events that follow there are some truly memorable over the top action sequences; Tsurugi punching a man in the face so hard his teeth fall out, the famous shot of a lethal head blow shown in X ray, and Tsurugi saving a woman from rape by ripping out a man’s testicles and holding them triumphantly in the air! Not surprisingly, The Street Fighter was the first film released in the US to be given an X rating for violence alone.

Directed By:

  • Shigehiro Ozawa


  • Sonny Chiba

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