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Captain's Paradise, The

Theatrical Release Date:  01 Feb 2005
Home Ent. Release Date:  28 Mar 2005
Cert:   -


Alec Guinness stars in the farcical comedy The Captain’s Paradise as the carefree Captain Henry St James, who appears to have it all as he juggles his time between two wives in different ports, each blissfully unaware of the other’s existence, or so he thinks… Delivering one of his finest comic performances, Alec Guinness plays the thoroughly selfish and conceited Henry St James, who captains a ship between Gibraltar and Morocco and leads a totally different life in each place. When he’s in Gibraltar with his straight-laced British wife Maud, played by Celia Johnson (Brief Encounter), he eats at home and goes to bed early. However, when he’s with his fiery Spanish wife Nita (Yvonne De Carlo), he stays out dancing into the small hours. Problems arise when his wives begin to demand more than the life he has carved out for each of them, and it doesn’t take long for St James’ perfect ‘paradise’ to collapse. Delightfully witty and great fun, The Captain’s Paradise features a memorable dance scene between Yvonne De Carlo and Alec Guinness, for which De Carlo reportedly taught Guinness how to tango, and screenwriter Alec Coppel was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original screenplay for his work on this film.

Directed By:

  • Anthony Kimmins


  • Alec Guinness
  • Celia Johnson
  • Yvonne De Carlo

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