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Heroes of War Volume 1

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  10 Oct 2010
Cert:   -


Against the Wind (1948) Starring Robert Beatty, Jack Warner and Simone Signoret, Against the Wind is the story of one of the most brilliant enterprises of the war. Sabotage was their job; sabotage organised from London in the form of macabre practical jokes as ingenious as they were injurious to the enemy. However, the work was overclouded with the constant fear of discovery - and what horror that could bring. The Dam Busters (1955) The Dam Busters is the true-life story of an ingenious plan to destroy German dams with a cutting-edge bomb. With its stirring theme and nerve-jangling recreation of the daring mission, this film is an all-time classic. The Colditz Story (1955) Colditz Castle, in the heart of Saxony, was the fortress to which the German High Command sent officers who had attempted to escape from conventional prison camps. They regarded it as impregnable although they threatened the death penalty for anyone attempting to brake out. British officer Pat Reid leads an escape through one of the castle's subterranean tunnels. Only three of the prisoners survive the escape; the next step is out of Germany itself.

Directed By:

  • Charles Chrichton
  • Michael Anderson
  • Guy Hamilton

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