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War at Sea

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  10 Oct 2010
Cert:   -


The Cruel Sea (1953) Commander Ericson is made captain of the Corvette Compass Rose, a small escort vessel used to guide and protect convoys travelling through the Atlantic. Ericson must choose between destroying an enemy ship and sparing the lives of his own men. For Those in Peril (1944) The story of a failed RAF pilot who joins the Air-Sea Rescue during WWII as he braves wild seas and bombing raids to rescue downed pilots. San Demetrio, London (1943) San Demetrio, London follows the compelling true story of a crew of British seamen who in 1940 were forced to abandon ship after being torpedoed by German forces.

Directed By:

  • Charles Frend
  • Charles Chrichton

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