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Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  08 Aug 2010
Cert:   -


Dangerous killer Zimmerman (Hugh Marlowe) makes a prison break with three other men and the escapees take over the San Francisco to St. Louis stagecoach’s relay station in Rawhide. The ruthless gang kills the veteran stationmaster and keep Tom Owens alive (Tyrone Power), a young wide-eyed Easterner sent by his father, the owner of the stagecoach line, to learn the Overland Mail business. Female passenger Vinnie Holt (Susan Hayward, I’ll Cry Tomorrow, I Want to Live!) is also kept alive and as she is travelling with a toddler, she poses as Tom’s wife for her safety. The criminal gang stays till the next day, where they plan to rob a stagecoach coming through with a gold shipment. Rawhide (aka Desperate Siege), is a remake of the 1936 crime melodrama Show Them No Mercy adapted into a western by director Henry Hathaway (North To Alaska, The Sons of Katie Elder).

Directed By:

  • Henry Hathaway


  • Tyrone Power
  • Susan Hayward
  • Hugh Marlowe

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