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Clan of the Cave Bear

Theatrical Release Date:  01 Feb 2005
Home Ent. Release Date:  14 Mar 2005


The 1986 film Clan of the Cave Bear is set in the last days of the Neanderthals. A medicine woman from the Clan of the Cave Bear, discovers the young recently orphaned Cro-Magnon child Ayla, and convinces the clan leaders to let her stay with them. Blond and blue-eyed, Ayla is distinctly different from her adoptive tribe of cave dwellers and is viewed with suspicion. As she grows into a beautiful young woman (Daryl Hannah – Kill Bill, Blade Runner) with strength and skill, Ayla becomes equally sceptical of their demeaning treatment towards the clan women and the brutal male seduction rites. As a woman and one of the “others”, she must fight for her survival, respect, and finally acceptance from the clan. Starring Daryl Hannah in an early role, and directed by Michael Chapman (All the Right Moves and cinematographer on Taxi Driver and Raging Bull) this film boasts some truly breath-taking photography and a screenplay by Oscar-nominated writer John Sayles (Passion Fish, Lone Star).

Directed By:

  • Michael Chapman


  • Daryl Hannah

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