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Interceptor Blu-ray

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  21 Feb 2010


Special Forces agent, Matvey Sobolev, is on a secret mission transporting the world’s first psychotronic weapon, a mind-control armament powerful enough to control the will of the world. After being double-crossed by his former partner, Kurylo, a puppet of the Force of Darkness, Matvey regains consciousness 40,000 feet above earth, alone on an abandoned jet, wired with explosives. As the bomb timer counts down, Matvey leaps to certain death seconds before his aircraft self destructs and sets the sky on fire. Moments later, when he awakens, alive and unharmed, he knows his survival was not by chance and it marks the fateful beginning of a great mission left to fulfil. Trying to prevent a disastrous future for the world and trained by an angel of vengeance whose mission is to maintain the balance of power between Good and Evil, Matvey must master the quantum art of absolute inner power before an explosive face off with his bitter and powerful rival, Kurylo, who has become the cruel and charismatic leader of a criminal syndicate, under the control of the force of darkness

Directed By:

  • Konstantin Maximov


  • Andrey Chubchenko
  • Aleksandr Baluyev
  • Velery Gurlyev

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