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Man with the Gun

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  11 Apr 2010
Cert:   -


Clint Tollinger (Robert Mitchum, Cape Fear, The Night of the Hunter) has a gun for hire. Any western town with an excess of untamable rough and tough bad guys can rely on him to quiet things down. Tollinger, who watched his unarmed father die because he couldn’t defend himself, is ruthless and effective in his unusual profession. But Tollinger’s wife, Nelly (Jan Sterling, The High and The Mighty, Ace in the Hole), disapproves of his cold-blooded way of enforcing law and order. Nelly leaves her husband and sets herself up as director of a troupe of dancing girls in a small town saloon. Tollinger, determined that Nelly will return to him, follows her to Sheridan City. He is hired by Marshal Sims (Henry Hull) to protect the town from no-good rancher Dade Holman and his hired heavies.

Directed By:

  • Richard Wilson


  • Clint Tollinger
  • Jan Sterling
  • Karen Sharpe
  • Henry Hull
  • Emilie Meyer

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