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Cold Dog Soup

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  07 Feb 2010


Luckless teen Michael has finally hit the jackpot. After a chance meeting, he has managed to get a date with the beautiful Sarah, the girl of his dreams. However, things begin to go wrong when they are joined not only by Sarah’s mother, but her obnoxious dog Jasper, who inconveniently drops dead at the worst possible moment. When Sarah’s mother insists the dog is buried immediately, Michael sets out to perform the apparently simple task. Matters are complicated, however, with the appearance of zany taxi driver Jack Cloud, who takes his young passenger on an extraordinary high speed tour of the strangest corners of the city in search of a buyer for the dead dog.

Directed By:

  • Alan Metter


  • Randy Quaid
  • Frank Whaley
  • Christina Harnos

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