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Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner

Theatrical Release Date:  25 Nov 2004
Home Ent. Release Date:  27 Jul 2003


Atanarjuat The Fast Runner is a universal story with emotions people all over the world can understand. Directed by Zacharias Kunuk and starring Natar Ungalaaq, Sylvia Ivalu and Peter Henry Arnatsiaq the film tells a story based on an ancient Inuit legend, set in the Arctic at the dawn of the first millennium. For countless generations, Igloolik elders have kept the legend of Atanarjuat alive through oral history to teach young Inuit the dangers of setting personal desire above the needs of the group. Evil in the form of an unknown shaman divides a small community of nomadic Inuit, upsetting its balance and spirit. Twenty years pass. Two brothers emerge to challenge the evil order: Amaqjuag, the Strong One, and Atanarjuat, the Fast Runner. Atanarjuat wins the hand of the lovely Atuat away from the boastful son of the camp leader, Oki, who vows to get even. Oki ambushes the brothers in their sleep, killing Amaqjuag, as Atanarjuat miraculously escapes running naked over the spring sea ice. But can he ever escape the cycle of vengeance left behind?

Directed By:

  • Zacharias Kunuk


  • Natar Ungalaaq
  • Sylvia Ivalu

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