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Natural City

Theatrical Release Date:  11 Nov 2004
Home Ent. Release Date:  22 Aug 2004


Beautifully shot with impressive set pieces, sprawling post-apocalyptic cityscapes and amazing action sequences, Natural City is a remarkable film from director Min Byeong-cheon. Natural City opens in the year 2080 AD when the world is so war-ravaged that a metropolis has been constructed on the ocean and cyborgs have become an integral part of society. Agent R (Yoo Ji-tae, Old Boy) and his boss Noma (Yoon Chan) are responsible for eliminating cyborgs that have expired past their lifespan. Trouble arises when, unbeknownst to Noma, R has fallen in love with a cyborg. Tragically, the cyborg R is in love with is nightclub dancer Ria (Rin Seo) who only has a few days left to live. It becomes a race against time for R to find a way of keeping her alive.

Directed By:

  • Min Byeong-cheon


  • Yoo Ji-tae
  • Yoon Chan
  • Rin Seo

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