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Bullet For A Badman

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  03 May 2009
Cert:   -


Two ex-Texas rangers Logan Keliher (Audie Murphy) and Sam Ward (Darren McGavin) used to be friends until Ward was given a life sentence for murder and Keliher married his ex-wife Susan (Beverly Owen) while he was inside. Years later, Ward has escaped prison and arrives in Keliher’s hometown of Griffin in order to rob the bank and to kill Keliher. When Ward’s gang botches the robbery, he is the only one to escape the subsequent shoot-out – Keliher has a clear shot but hesitates when he recognizes his former friend. Whilst Ward heads for Keliher’s farm to confront Susan, the Sheriff forms a posse, and Keliher decides to track his former friend as he realizes a showdown is inevitable…

Directed By:

  • R.G. Springsteen


  • Audie Murphy
  • Ruta Lee
  • Skip Homeier

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