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Army of Shadows

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  01 Mar 2009


Based on Jean-Pierre Melville's personal experiences as a World War II Resistance fighter, the film follows of a group of these Resistance fighters, known as the Army of Shadows (L'armeé des ombres). The film is unlike most other war films that try to show how the Resistance movements worked, and contains no spectacular explosions or Rambo-style action sequences. Instead, the film endeavours to show the reality of the Resistance fighters lives: the solitude, the constant fear of arrest, and the relationships with each other. An honest portrayal of war that took director Melville 25 years to get to the screen.

Directed By:

  • Jean-Pierre Melville


  • Simone Signoret; Jean-Pierre Cassel

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