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Circus of Horrors

Theatrical Release Date:  TBC
Home Ent. Release Date:  12 Oct 2020
Cert:   15


When Dr. Rossiter (Anton Diffring – Beast Must Die, The Man Who Could Cheat Death) botches an operation on a young girl, scarring her face for life he has to flee England, and ends up in France, with a backwoods circus troop. A series of events, including the unexpected death of the circus owner, lead to the Doctor taking over the circus and using it as a front to continue his experimental and unconventional plastic surgery practices. He populates it with beautiful, yet disfigured female criminals and thieves whom he restores to beauty and rescues from lives of prostitution and poverty. However once the circus becomes successful, the ladies try to break away from him so he devises elaborate circus "accidents" to deal with their ingratitude.

Directed By:

  • Sidney Hayers


  • Anton Diffring
  • Erika Remberg
  • Yvonne Moniar
  • Donald Pleasence

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